Alot of things happen during my shoots that I always mean to share, but I tend to get caught up doing other things so I always forget to blog about it. But hey, I’ll give it another go.

I know we all hear it and secretly know it, but it’s so easy to forget that the attitude you choose can (and probably will) dictate how your day goes. I’ve been having a terribly stressful time of late trying to cope with settling into a new house, getting uni assignments done, doing family-related things and balancing all that with photography work.

Unlike the weird sunny-windy (aka swindy) weather we’ve been having of late, today was rainy and cold which I welcomed wholeheartedly. So, for my shoot this afternoon in Chinatown, I decided to choose to be zen and centred, be thankful for my incredibly flexible line of work and pretty much everything else great in life.

Ten minutes into my shoot, while I was photographing the exterior of the restaurant, a scruffy old guy with a cool golf cap came up to me and asked me where I stole my camera from. I laughed and told him I bought it, and then his friend, an also scruffy-looking woman who looked like she may have otherwise tried to mug me in a dark alley came along and asked me to take a picture.

They were in such a good mood too that, I guess, our good moods put together resulted in the image above.

Have a great day everyone, and don’t forget that you can always choose how you want to be. 😉